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Anjalé D. Welton
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Anjalé D. Welton

OCCRL Senior Consultant and Professor at the University of Wisconsin

Dr. Welton is co-PI on the Illinois Community College Board funded projects. Her work examines how opportunity structures in secondary school settings shape connections students of color make to educational resources and matriculate to college. Dr. Welton also explores issues of equity especially as it pertains to the politics of race and diversity in school reform and improvement such as the co-authored a report, Facing equity: Understanding P-20 equity conscious leadership for college and career pathways. Her professional experiences include coordinator of a leadership and empowerment program for urban youth in secondary schools, a facilitator of an urban education teacher preparation program, and a teacher in large urban districts.


  • Ph.D., Educational Policy and Planning, University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A., Educational Leadership and Policy, Higher Education, University of Maryland, College Park
  • M.A., Special Education, George Washington University
  • Ph.D., Educational Policy and Planning, University of Texas at Austin

Research Areas

  • Politics of Equity in School Reform and Improvement
  • influence of Social-Political Contexts


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