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    On June 8-9, 2015, representatives from the fifteen states funded as part of the Credit When It’s Due initiative convened in Indianapolis, Indiana to reflect on key issues facing states with the implementation of reverse transfer degrees and discuss sustainability for these efforts. The convening also included participants from 23 states engaged in reverse transfer. Attendees reviewed the latest research findings, discussed the policy contexts for reverse transfer and the role of technology in this work with a focus on emerging data system solutions. The convening was hosted by the Credit When It’s Due Funders Collaborative.  

    State-specific resources from the convening can be found on the State Map and Profilespage.

    Press Release:  Foundations work to close higher education gap through associate’s degree-attainment effort. | July 7, 2015

    Convening Photos: Click to view and download photos from the CWID convening. 

    Resources from the Convening

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    Reverse Transfer Webinar Recording: Hawaii’s Experience

    This recording is the second webinar in a series of webinars that profile Credit When It’s Due (CWID) state experiences with reverse transfer. This webinar featured Hawaii’s reverse transfer program. The University of Hawaii system developed its own cloud-based, integrated, online advising and degree attainment support system called STAR Academic Pathway, which has been enhanced to accommodate reverse transfer.


    • Gary Rodwell, Office of Undergraduate Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    • Debra Bragg, Gutgsell Endowed Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Jason Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of Utah

    Download the Webinar Slides.

    Reverse Transfer Webinar: Tennessee’s Experience

    This was the first in a series of webinars that will profile CWID state experiences with reverse transfer. The webinar series began with the state of Tennessee. In 2012, the Tennessee legislature adopted legislation that encouraged reverse transfer agreements within the state, and Tennessee joined the CWID initiative in 2013. The webinar featured the Tennessee policy context, the state’s approach to reverse transfer, early outcomes, and lessons learned.


    • Gloria Gammell, Project Coordinator and Program Manager, Office of Academic Affairs and Student Success, University of Tennessee
    • India Lane, Assistant Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs and Student Success, University of Tennessee
    • Tammy Lemon, Director, Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Tennessee Knoxville
    • Debra Bragg, Founding Director, OCCRL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Jason Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of Utah
    • Date October 2, 2015

    Download the Webinar Slides.

    Optimizing Reverse Transfer Webinar

    In this webinar, OCCRL researchers shared results from a recently released thought paper, "Optimizing Reverse Transfer Policies and Processes: Lessons from Twelve CWID States."  The webinar highlighted the changes that states, systems, and institutions are implementing to support reverse transfer.

    Download the Webinar Slides.

    Reverse Transfer Policies and Practice: Potential Influences on College Completion and Educational Equity

    This presentation was at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education.

    • Presenters: Jason L. Taylor, Julia Panke Makela, Debra D. Bragg, Collin M. Ruud, and Cari Bishop
    • Date: November 15, 2013

    Reverse Transfer: A Growing Opportunity to Increase College Completion?

    This presentation provided community college researchers and scholars with information about reverse transfer and CWID.

    • Speakers: Jason L. Taylor, Debra D. Bragg, Collin M. Ruud, Cari Bishop, and Julia Panke Makela
    • Conference: Council for the Study of Community Colleges, San Francisco, CA
    • Date: April 19, 2013

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