Illinois Career Development Task Force

The goal of this Illinois Career Development Task Force was to create a vision for career development in Illinois that spans educational and workforce environments, including K-12 educators, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, workforce development agencies, and Illinois employers.

This project was sponsored by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Illinois Workforce Investment Board (IWIB) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), with several other state agencies playing an active role. The Task Force was chaired by Mr. Mark Williams of ISBE’s Career Development and Preparation Division, with research and support efforts carried out by Dr. Debra Bragg, Professor of Higher Education and Director of OCCRL, and Dr. Julia Panke Makela, Research Assistant at OCCRL. A listing of the Task Force membership is availalbe at Illinois Career Development Task Force Members


With a team of representatives from all of these areas, we benchmarked Illinois’ activities against state-wide and national programs, and created a set of recommendations to help make this vision become a reality for Illinois youth.

Project Profile

The final product of the Illinois Career Development Task Force was a vision statement that promotes excitement regarding career and youth development, as well as highly tangible next steps activities that may be easily integrated into current educational programming.

Comprehensive Career Development for Illinois

Comprehensive Career Development for Illinois: Findings and Recommendations of the Illinois Career Development Task Force

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