Programs of Study

Illinois Programs of Study Guide, 2009

Principles to Guide Career Pathways and Programs of Study Implementation and Improvement

The state of Illinois’ Programs of Study initiative supported the development, implementation and evaluation of academic and career-technical curriculum extending from the secondary to the postsecondary level, including the development of evidence-based resource materials, an information-rich website, and professional development in the form of Webinars and workshops. These efforts extended OCCRL’s longstanding commitment to use research and development expertise to improve policy and practice that facilitates student transition to college. OCCRL has provided research and technical assistance to state education agencies in Illinois and other states since 1989.

Principles to Guide Career Pathways and Programs of Study Implementation and Improvement


  • Develop and disseminate a framework, design elements, and criteria for implementation and evaluation of programs of study, including the facilitation of POS state leadership, steering committees, and workgroups.
  • Provide evaluation expertise and lead the implementation of a statewide evaluation system.
  • Provide professional development that supports POS implementation statewide.

Project Profile

Initial Programs of Study Advisory Committee Members (FY08)

Charles DiMartino, Chicago Public School District #299
Cyndie Garcia, Madison County Career and Technical Education System
Susan Hanfland, Eastern Illinois Education for Employment System
Wilma Hewitt, Whiteside Regional Vocational System
Tom Hysell, Career Preparation Network
Fred Kane, DuPage Area Occupational Education System
Sean McLaughlin, Education for Employment System #330
Betty Musgrave, Franklin County Regional Delivery System
Lisa Payne, Rend Lake College
Mark Pfleiger, Carl Sandburg College
Meryl Sussman, College of DuPage
Joyce Taylor, Western Area Career System
Stu Trask, Lewis and Clark Community College
Linda Uzureau, Prairie State College
Linda VonBehren, Lake Land College
Linley White, Sauk Valley Community College

Programs of Study State Planning Team (FY09 - September 2009)

Debra Bragg, OCCRL
Carol Brooks, ISBE
Tricia Broughton, ICCB
Terry Clark, ICCB
Brian Durham, ICCB
Scott Edgar, ISBE
Bernard Ferreri, ICCB
Harley Hepner, ISBE
Deborah Hopper, ISBE
Stephanie Kalchik, OCCRL
Courtney Jerdan, OCCRL
Aimee Julian, ICSPS
Elaine Johnson, ICCB
Rob Kerr, ICCB
Cathy Kirby, OCCRL
Rod Lane, ICCB
Lisa Matejka, ICSPS
Kristy Morelock, ICCB
Lavon Nelson, ICCB
Kathleen Oertle, OCCRL
Steve Parrott, ISBE
Sue Petrilli, ICCB
Lynn Reha, ICSPS
Dan Segebarth, ICCB
Shangte Shen, ISBE
Annie Tillman, ISBE
Dora Welker, ISBE
Mark Williams, ISBE


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